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What price safety?

When did you last check your tyres for correct pressure and tread wear?  It's a fact that most people never bother with tyres, and wouldn't know what the correct tyre pressure should be, nor what the legal requirement is for tread depth.

You rely on tyres to save you from losing control in wet and icy conditions, but assume that the annual service and MOT will keep you safe for another year.

Surprisingly, VOSA, the governing body who control MOT testing, say that around 20% of all failed MOT tests are due to tyres or wheel problems.  It's surprising because all of those people have been driving around with their vehicles in that state.  Unsafe for themselves and other road users.

Do a quick check now.  If your tyres have a tread depth less than 2mm you should think about replacing them soon.  If the tyres have below 1.6mm of tread across three-quarters of the tread width around the circumference of the tyre, then your tyre is illegal.  Not only that it is potentially lethal.

Checking pressures and topping up with compressed air can be troublesome to many people.  Pop in to us at Brighton Tyres and we will do it for you, and check the legality of your tyres, free of charge.

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Tyre pressures sometimes need to be varied according to the road conditions, the speed that you might do and the weight that you carry.  Ring Brighton Tyres for advice if you're not sure what your tyre pressure should be.  Correct tyre pressures mean highest fuel economy and safety.

Some vehicles need to have different tyre pressures front and back. It is important to have the correct tyre pressures.

When the temperature falls below 5 or 6 degrees Centigrade it is advisable to consider winter grade tyres.  This might seem to only be feasible if you do high mileage and need to change your tyres every few months. However, you can always keep a set for summer and a set for winter. Brighton Tyres will be pleased to refit your tyres for minimal cost whenever the seasons change. A big advantage can be gained by using winter grade tyres in wet and icy conditions; stopping distances can be greatly reduced, and cornering made much safer. Buy a winter set now and your summer tyres will last twice as long.

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